Dreaming in the Void Blog needs your help!

I've been running a Soundcloud account for some years where I frequently upload sound clips taken from what I consider to be great teachers of mankind. Although most of them express themselves in unexpectedly different ways, they all point to the same Mystery we need to wake up to within ourselves.

I'm planning to transform the Soundclound channel into a podcast service where I'll be uploading, along with the sound clips, interviews with people I come across with in my journey, and who have interesting stories and points of view to share. Maybe some occasional ramblings of mine will be uploaded as well.

In order to make this Soundcloud account fully operational and unlimited I need $99 dollars a year.

So if you enjoy what you read in the blog and listen in the Soundcloud channel, and if it's within your reach, please consider supporting the Dreaming in the Void Blog. Whatever you can contribute with, even the smallest penny, would be much appreciated!

Thank you